What is Friends in Presence?

Our message is free, and it is simple:


  • Healing through the activation of inner intelligence is possible, it is our birthright.
  • We don't have to be caged by the perceptual illusions common in the web of lies.
  • Every life matters in the web of life.
  • Though it is the norm to deny it, humans are nature.
  • Freedom from suffering from suffering is possible.
  • We have to become fiercely curious about our inner world: thoughts, thinking & beliefs.
  • There is healing when we identify and befriend the parts of our inner world that we avoid.
  • We initiate and sustain inner healing through self-inquiry and self-knowing.

The gift of wholeness is not for sale. Friends in Presence is not a coaching service. No one can know or define your inner journey. Friends in Presence is not spiritual belief system. You will not find gurus or complicated spiritual maps here. 

All resources and supports are offered for free. 

Feel free to download knowledge that resonates with you. 

Friends in Presence is inspired by and in service within the web of life. 

Ecological awakening belongs to all. 

Self, Mind, Society & Nature Are In Constant Participation

Going within and nurturing a conscious relationship with self and mind within and as nature, we are in service to social justice & collective healing. 

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